The lazy parent's guide to keeping your kids occupied during Lockdown

So, you’ve run out of Netflix, out of patience, and out of plans… and the end of lockdown is still a long way away.

Whether you have very small children, or older kids, we've got you covered! We've compiled the the best ideas, from the scrappiest parents on the internet, and have them all here for you...

If you have very young children...

Try out a few of these easy ways to keep your little ones busy, and since we're being honest,  to make them tired enough, so that there can be naps, and peace and quiet in your house.

Special things box:

Take a shoe box, or crate, and pack different toys in it for your child every day. Changing up what’s in the box, makes old toys feel like new adventures. Include normal household items like Tupperware bowls and plastic spoons, that are good for making noise. Very small children think the whole world exists for them to play with.

Washing up:

Take the plastic toys outside. Give your kids a bucket with soapy water and one with rinsing water. Washing dirty toys, or even plastic cutlery that does not need washing at all, is a fun game.

Egg shell smash:

Whenever you make a dish that requires eggs, save the egg shells. Once you have enough, place the egg shells in an oven pan.Give each kid a spoon to smash egg shells with. The cracking noise is very entertaining.

Dance Freeze:

Play some of their favourite songs and dance. Tell everyone to freeze whenever the music stops. Give prizes for the best freeze pose.

Obstacle course:

Use chairs, cushions, pretty much any furniture that’s not pointy or hard,  to create an obstacle course for your kids. “Time them” to see if they can complete it faster and faster each time they go around. Give a small prize, like a marshmallow Easter egg or some stickers, to the winner... so to everybody under three who takes part.

Magic Milk:

 Pour milk into an oven pan, add a few drops of food colouring. Use an earbud to break the surface tension, and watch how the colours move and swirl. This one is also very good for entertaining tense grown ups!

 Taking pegs on and off of stuff:

Washing pegs can be pinned on and off the edges of a plastic bowl, or a clothes horse, or a picture frame… This activity could give you a solid ten minutes to make some tea.

If you have older children...

The internet is rife with crafts activities to do with your older kids, If your kids like crafts, click here for inspiration. If neither you, nor your kids desire to make 'art' out of toilet paper rolls and glitter... then this list is for you! 

Lawn cricket and running through the sprinklers: 

Neither of those things stopped being awesome just because you are grownup now, and it's not the 80s anymore.

Outside and inside Chores:

Washing dishes, vacuuming, helping mow the lawn, watering and weeding the garden, all count as legit ways to spend a beautiful day.

Online activities:

(that aren't Tiktok challenges that actually take  effort and great editing skills to pull off)

Kruger Park Game Drives

 Through Wild Earth's YouTube channel you can experience a  Kruger National Park games drives, in real time, from the comfort of your couch.  A game ranger takes you out on his Jeep and will teach you interesting facts, and answer questions about any wild life you may come across.

 There are early morning drives from 05:30-08:30 and afternoon drives from 15:30- 18:30.

Deep Sea experience

 Follow this link, to visit the deepest parts of the ocean. You learn about the different kinds of wildlife at various depths. The deeper you go, they weirder the animals get. It goes all the down to 10 000 meters!

 (Check out the Cookie cutter Shark at 4311 meters!)