Embrace your South African sole at next year’s Oppikoppi and flaunt your

VELDSKOEN®. Stay on trend and make VELDSKOEN® SA’s most popular festival shoe!

Oppikoppi is one biggest, if not THE biggest music festival in South Africa. Celebrating the South African culture, Oppikoppi is a three-day musical event that requires a lot of “gees” and all-around energy.

This unforgettable experience has often been referred to as a “beautiful dusty necessity” – clearly not favourable conditions for ‘sandal wearers’. VELDSKOEN® has reimagined the iconic ‘vellie’ and made it practical, yet stylish – the ideal accessory to wear to just an iconic event and withstand the manic conditions – perfect for dancing the night away!

Girl at festival

The Oppikoppi music festival takes place just outside of the small mining town of Northam, in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. The venue is a vast piece of land that contains a small yet charming hill; this is how the festival got its name. Oppikoppi is derived from the Afrikaans phrase “op die koppie”, which in English means “on the hill”. The emphasis is placed on ‘the hill’ because it is home to the festival’s highlights – the stage and the bar! Next year we want to raise the bar (and the stage) and make VELDSKOEN® a part of the Oppikoppi culture; when you hear "Oppikoppi" we want you to think of VELDSKOEN® and vice versa.

VELDSKOEN® have reimagined a legendary shoe and created a range that pays tribute to a beautiful country, that we are lucky enough to call home. Each style of our VELDSKOEN® shoe, both men and women, is named after an iconic South African trademark. These include: J-Bay (Blue), Pinotage(Red), Bloem (Orange), Farmer (Grey), Lowveld (Green), Safari (Black), Vilakazi (Yellow),Uhambo (Pink) and the limited-edition Springbok (Green). The colour element is tasteful because it features in a very subtle way; the sole and matching shoe laces. The fact that the colour is not overwhelming, means that it is ideal to pair with most outfits. Festival wear is usually not conventional and involves a variety of busy patterns – making this legendary shoe,with a ‘pop’ of colour, a faultless festival accessory.

This music festival is known for its line-up, which features mostly local and national artists, but does include international acts. Generally, when there is music involved, there is dancing and a lot of it; nothing ruins an impressive dance routine more than a broken shoe or a stubbed toe!

Avoid a fashion disaster or a battered foot and wear your VELDSKOEN® to next year’s Oppikoppi; a South African shoe made for a uniquely South African experience.