Veldskoen South Africa

The Veldskoen MoveMe Ranger (Black Sole - Leather Boot)

R 1,999.00

“When you make an impact, wear comfortable shoes” - Unknown

Veldskoen has collaborated with MoveMe and Briana Evigan to bring you The Ranger; a social impact shoe for people to wear when they want to go out and change the world.

  • Comfort - all-day- on-your-feet Veldskoen comfort.
  • Impact - 50% of the net profits will be shared in a meaningful way with local communities
  • Saves animals - Some of those profits will be shared with organizations that save rhinos, elephants and other endangered animals
  • Positive footprints - The words Love and Trust are written on the soles of each Ranger Boot. You will be leaving positive messages everywhere you walk.
*Pre-orders are open.

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