5 Things you don’t know about Blouberg Beach...

Cape Town is known and loved for many wonderful things; its picturesque landscapes, famous wine lands, trendy restaurants, lavish lifestyles, and of course the white sandy beaches. One beach, in particular, gives visitors and locals the postcard backdrop of Table Mountain.

We’re talking about Blouberg Beach, of course. If you haven’t already marvelled in the breathtakingly fresh air of the wide open bay of Blouberg Beach, well, frankly, what are you waiting for? Go! It’s not just the perfect place for exercising, suntanning, surfing, and frolicking in the sand, there is a lot to learn about this spectacular seaside.  Here are 5 things you may not have known about Blouberg Beach...


1. Blouberg Beach History


Blouberg Beach History


Blouberg Beach was the host of a pretty notable historical event back in 1806, called, The Battle of Blaauwberg. On January 8th, 1806, The British Empire defeated the Dutch, and went on to occupy the Cape for approximately eight years. The Netherlands then completely surrendered, leaving the Cape in the ownership of England.

2. Ons Huisie - Our Little Home

Ons Huisie - Our Little Home

 Once, a National Monument and now a Provincial Heritage site, this little home on the beach has an interesting history in Blouberg. No one knows exactly when it was built, but there is a pencil drawing of the house dating back to 1853.

The house was first recorded as owned by Frederick Louis Stadler who became the owner of the then “farmland” called Bloubergstrand, shortly after the battle in 1806. Frederick and his sons were some of the original founders of Bloubergstrand, and were deeply involved in its development. Now, this quaint building is a well-known and beloved restaurant on the shore.  So, next time you feel like a bite by the sea, visit Ons Huisie, which translated from Afrikaans to English means “Our Little Home”.


3. Nature and Fun Facts

Nature and Fun Facts

The history lesson is done and dusted, let’s talk about some fun, interesting facts you may or may not have known about this gorgeous stretch of sand and water.

Bloubergstrand, which means “blue mountain beach”, is not just covered in soft,
white sand and shards of shells washed up from the cold waters. It’s also home to a vast variety of  plant and animal life and is protected as a Marine Nature Reserve, so any extractions of species of any kind are prohibited.
From the unique flora called Fynbos found only in the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa, to the dolphins, whales, seals, and sharks that roam the cold Benguela current waters, Blouberg Beach is a sensory sensation for everyone to enjoy!


4. King of The Air!

King of the Air

Once a year, Blouberg Beach is filled with copious amounts of kites and kings! What sort of kings, you ask? Kings of the air! Yes, we’re talking about kite surfing and the biggest kite surfing competition in the world, The Red Bull King Of The Air
competition! Kiters from across the globe make their way to Cape Town, South Africa for this prestigious kiting event that takes place on, what they refer to as “Kite Beach” (but we all know it as Blouberg Beach).

The competition is a spectacle of immense proportions and entertaining to all. A high flying spectacular of jumps to twists, turns, and tricks in the air; watching the kite surfers in action is nothing short of exhilarating!

5. Local Traditions

local traditions


Blouberg Beach has enthralling food traditions. One of these is the way to catch and prepare mullet.   Local, licensed fishermen have been, for many years, going out in their small rowing boats to catch mullet, or “harders” with nets, which they pull in by hand. This is a practice still done today.

We heard about the traditional way to prepare and cook these tasty little delicacies, and it wouldn’t be traditional if it didn’t include a wood fire! After cleaning the mullets, salt the skin, put them on the “braai” or grill, and enjoy them with freshly baked bread and regional traditional jam. Mouthwatering!

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