The Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails in Cape Town

Cape Town is filled with breathtaking mountain ranges and stunning views, many of which cannot be experienced from inside your car. There are a number of trail routes across the Cape and surrounding areas that offer outdoor fun and a bit of a challenge for all skill levels. 

You don’t need all the fancy gear to start walking in the forests and mountains or cycling the suburban roads and rural tracks of our gorgeous country. Just get a pair of Veldskoen and everything will be sorted plus they even come in different colours. A shoe made for South Africans, by South Africans - comfort, style, and a good grip and up to any task.

This is our top 5 Mountain Biking trails 

1. Noordhoek Peak

This is a popular trail route for hiking, trail running, and of course, mountain biking. Noordhoek Peak is a 7.1 km loop trail and is considered a generally moderately challenging route. The route has quite a bit of an uphill in the beginning but has panoramic views at the top which should make it worth the ride!

2. Meerendal

Photo credit: Meerendal Wine Estate 

Meerendal boasts great mountain biking trails ideal for beginners and more experienced bikers. This route consists of 3 trails and the distance and grading range vary between the three trails. The yellow trail is considered the easiest trail with a distance of 4.8km, the green trail is a moderate route of 13.1km, and the main loop blue trail with a distance of 23.4 km.

 3. Majik Forest

Photo credit: All trails 

This trail route is nestled between vineyards and the sprawling suburbia of the Northern suburbs, of Durbanville. Majik Forest trail is a long and narrow greenbelt in between the wine farms of Durbanville that offers distance options from 2 km to 15 km.

 4. Tokai Forest

Tokai Forest is a well-known route for hiking and mountain biking, offering a number of different routes for all ages and skill levels with a distance of 26 km. 

 5. Contermanskloof

The Contermanskloof trail consists of 3 different routes that feed off each other, the green route for beginners, the blue route for intermediate, and the black route for more skilled and advanced riders that are looking for a challenge. 

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These 5 trail routes are ready for you to tackle in your Veldskoen.

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