Supporting Conservation Efforts with Kariega Veldskoen: The Story of Thandi the Rhino

We are delighted to share the incredible news that Thandi the Rhino from Kariega Game Reserve, gave birth to another beautiful calf in April. This is Thandi’s fifth miracle baby after surviving the brutal poaching attack at the Kariega Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, in 2012. 

Rangers at the farm named the young bull Zolani. The name was chosen in memory of a much-loved field guide, who passed away tragically last year.

Thandi is now a proud mother to five healthy offspring and a grandmother to two calves. This is a testament to the incredible resilience of these magnificent creatures and the critical role that conservation efforts play in preserving their populations. Thandi continues to amaze us with her incredible fighting strength and miraculous recovery and this heartwarming tale of survival and resilience. 

Thandi and baby Zolani 

Back in 2012, Thandi, along with another cow and a bull Rhino were poached for their horns and tragically left for dead, but after numerous operations and enduring a long and painful recovery, Thandi managed to survive. She is the first Rhino to ever survive a poaching attack. 

At Veldskoen Shoes, we are proud to support the conservation efforts of organisations like the Kariega Game Reserve. That's why we've partnered with Kariega to create the Kariega Veldskoen, a handmade, luxury nubuck chukka boot, fully leather-lined with TR soles. 

When you purchase a pair of Kariega Veldskoen, 50% of the profits are invested directly back into the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) at the Kariega Foundation and the community living in and around Kariega Game Reserve.

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