An entire range dedicated to the real ‘fashionistas’ – the mothers, daughters, and sisters; we see you!

The makers of VELDSKOEN® have created an ALL FEMALE range of shoes in a variety of fun and quirky colours. The range is an ode to four women who made their mark by being the FIRST woman to achieve something astronomical – rewards and achievements only men were commended for.

Black Vellies

The shoes are made from the signature rawhide leather, but similar to women, they have characteristics that put them in a league of their own. VELLIES™ has a completely different design to VELDSKOEN®, as well as different coloured laces and soles. The female range has a narrower fit and a higher ankle-cut – resulting in more of an ‘ankle-boot’ aesthetic.

Each shoe from the range pays tribute to the year a heroic and powerful woman achieved something great for the first time. The four different styles and names are as follows: the 1975 (peach), the 1963 (black), the 1987 (violet) and the 2010 (nude). The individual descriptors give away hints of who these women may be, could you guess?


OKAY… OKAY… We’ll just tell you. Here it goes, the final reveal! 1975 – the first time a woman reached the top of Mount Everest; 1987 – the first time a woman was added to the rock ‘n roll hall of fame; 1963 – the first time a woman went to Space AND last but not least, the 2010 – the first time a woman won an Oscar  for ‘best director’.

As the season begins to change and winter starts to approach, there is a constant need for the perfect pair of boots that go with every outfit. That’s not to say the shoes can’t be paired with your favourite summer dress or denim shorts – BUT for now, throw them on with your trusty blue jeans or tights.

Beige Vellies

Celebrate what it is to be a woman, and commemorate these legendary women – get yourself a pair of VELLIES™