Cape Town’s most loved festival is fast approaching, which means OUTFIT PLANNING!

We might be a bit TOO excited, but Rocking the Daisies is an event we take VERY seriously. The event may only be in October of this year, but it is a three-day long event – which only tells us one thing, OUTFIT CHANGES!

Rocking the Daisies is a global event that is hosted locally here in Cape Town. People come from all over the world to attend the epic music festival that is ‘Daisies’. The festival also offers an array of food varieties and caters for ALL diets – YES, I’m talking to all you Vegies out there! Festival food has come a long way from the days of fried food and pizza, nowadays you can wake up to a smoothie bowl including your 5-a-day, BARGAIN!

Music Festival

The line-up has already been announced and the acts are unbelievable. One of the acts HAPPENS to be one of Britain’s most talented rock-pop group; the 1975. I bet you wondering why that name sounds so familiar, you’re right – we have a 1975 (peach) shoe, that is a part of the VELLIES™ range. Did they name the band us after us or the other way around? OR is it completely unrelated? Well, that’s entirely up to you!

That being said, there is NO better shoe you can wear to the festival, ladies. You can choose for four unique coloured matching soles and laces; perfect to coordinate your outfits with – and I’m sure you know which pair you will wear when the 1975 perform; Violet?

Boys, don’t fear, we have a HUGE selection of shoes for you to choose from! This includes our Heritage and Chelsea Boot range. Our new Chelsea Boots are made from rawhide leather that is treated further and made hydrophobic. I don’t know about you, but festivals can get MESSY – those big crowds and spilling drinks – these shoes could be your savior. This is a perk, but the shoes are also beautifully designed, in a way which makes them a fashion accessory built for the runway, or festival.

J-Bay Heritage Veldskoen

Join in on the build-up to the music festival and follow the updates on their website! Most importantly, of course, remember to pack the essentials – enough to create the perfect outfit for each day. It goes without saying that VELDSKOEN® and VELLIES™ fall under these ‘outfit essentials’ and if you don’t believe us go and have a look for yourself!