Want to experience South Africa on a motorbike? Here are our 5 favourite routes...


You’re not alone if you’ve caught yourself fantasising about a magical motorbike adventure. Wondering what it’s like to let go of fear, anxiety, and stress and embrace the adrenaline and exhilaration that comes with this freeing form of transport.

Well, whether you’re an avid daredevil rider or just a curious newbie, embark on one of these bike rider adventures through the diverse scenery of South Africa.

These are our top 5 motorcycle routes....


1. Cape Town to Mossel Bay Route - A biker must!

Overberg route

Known as the Overberg motorcycle route, this bike ride is every biker’s dream! With an abundance of sneaky detours on dirt roads, gorgeous scenery, and nature, it will wildly entertain all of your senses from start to finish!

Make your way from beautiful Cape Town, through the famous Cape Garden Route, enjoying twists, turns, forestry, farmlands, and coastal bliss all leading you to the beloved destination, a picturesque harbour town called Mossel Bay. This coastal gem is known as “the adventure capital of the garden route”, with a bucket load of unique experiences to choose from, you can expect the fun to continue off-road!

2. Atlantic Seaboard - Need we say more?

Atlantic Seaboard

If you haven’t already heard about it, this is one of the most scenic and breathtaking routes you could ask for. Also referred to as Cape Town’s “Riviera” it boasts beauty everywhere you look. The drive stretches through many coastal suburbs, passing by a few of the most famous and fine beaches in the world.

Enjoy the fresh air coming from the glistening Atlantic ocean on one side and the spellbinding slopes of the 12 Apostles on the other. Make your way from V&A Waterfront to Hout Bay and be sure to stop for a local favourite, fish, and chips from Fish On The Rocks, an absolute MUST whilst in Hout Bay.


3. Johannesburg to Cape Town - Biker Style!

JHB to Cape town

We know what you’re thinking, how boring, the N1 is just one long straight road riddled with chaos and large delivery trucks. This is why we are going to share with you a route we have sussed out, just for our motorcycle enthusiasts! You may have to drive the tedious N1 for a short while,  but shortly after that the adventure shall begin!

Along this route, there are a few detours you can choose from all leading you to the same destination, but we highly recommend the Joburg to Cape Town Garden Route option. What better way to embark on a blissful journey to the
magnificent “mother city”?. Take in the visual splendour of high peaks, vast open land, exciting towns, and of course, the spectacular garden route views. This bike trip will tick all the boxes!


4. Swartberg Pass - A long, winding, and oh so satisfying route!

Swartberg Pass

This pass is one of the most famous in the world and is a national monument, enjoyed by locals and tourists all year, although we do recommend summer trips to avoid the dangerous loose ground.

This twisting and turning dirt road is 23,8km long and has many interesting historical points along the way marked with signs, inviting you to stop, read, learn, and of course take a moment to bask in the glorious scenery.

With views that constantly change and a road that consistently keeps
you on your toes, this is a must-do motorcycle adventure!

 5. Knysna to Uniondale - A biker's paradise!

 Prince Albert's Pass

If we haven’t already sold you on “the biker dream”, allow us to introduce to you, Prince Albert’s Pass. This is the longest pass in South Africa that is accessible to the public. It is surrounded by an abundance of beauty, from mountain edges hanging over your head to streams and waterfalls; this is a journey you will come back for again and again.
We are confident you will be mesmerised by this route from Knysna, a picturesque coastal town riddled with lush forests, to Uniondale, a small town in the Little Karoo, one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets!

To explore more of south Africa, on or off your motorbike, check out Veldskoen Travel.