Sharing our "South Africa-ness" Veldskoen Artists 2020

Veldskoen is celebrating our "South Africa-ness"! It's a term we made up, to explain the grit, the humanity, the resilience, the creativity, and the sense of humour that comes with being a part of our beautiful country!

We've gathered some local artists to illustrate (literally) what South Africa-ness means to them. The entries we received warmed our hearts and made us prouder than ever to be citizens of Mzanzi!

You can see all the contributions here, and learn more about the artists, as they describe themselves, in their own words. 

Every week, we will feature one of them on our website banner.

Elio Moavero

Instagram @elio_illustration
Facebook  @eliotheillustrator
Elio Moavero is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, occasional musician and part time narcissist living and hiding in Johannesburg, South Africa.
He has a Degree in Visual Communication from The Open Window.
He has been illustrating semi-professionally since 2015 and has not had a good night's sleep since. 
He is known in the art scene for his nostalgic approach to illustration, and widely unknown in the aquatic scene for his unique approach to the backstroke swimming style.
Elio's hobbies include collecting vinyl, nervous laughter and provoking comedians with inside jokes (among other noble pursuits)
His only regret is the beard he grew for the photo of this feature.
Please don't contact him under any circumstances.


Hanli van der Spuy


Instagram @artbyhanli
Facebook @artbyhanli



Hi! I'm Hanli - wife, mother of (almost) two and a fashion illustrator and artist, or as I lovingly like to describe it: Full Time Mom, Nap time Illustrator. 
My illustration journey (re)started as a means of creative escape during the little down times after becoming a mom. I've finally found my "thing" after years of looking for it. In high school I developed a passion for fashion design which I pursued throughout a graphic design degree at the NWU Potchefstroom and then a fashion design certificate from North West school of Design. Realising that dreams change, I took to freelancing in graphic and fashion design as we settled down and got married, eventually moving from Potch to Cape Town. After many stints at various things from blogging to making fabric dolls, it all came full circle as I discovered that fashion illustration (behind the design) is that "thing" I've been looking for. 

I've also added portraiture to the mix and I mostly use Copic markers and coloured pencils to create my commissions and artworks with live illustrations and hopefully an online workshop or two beckoning in the future.


Kezia Gerber

Instagram @keziagerber
Facebook Kezia Gerber Artist


Kezia Gerber is a South African artist, born in Bloemfontein and currently residing in Jeffrey’s Bay. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Free State in 2011. Kezia is a painter-photographer, drawing particular inspiration from the automatist creations of Joan Miró, the spiritual abstraction of Wassily Kandinsky and the French Surrealist movement, Salvador Dalí in particular. Kezia senses an instinctive and intuitive pull from nature, which is also why she chooses to live by the sea-side. She is a native or indigenous shaman reborn in the body of a 21st century Westerner, and she has accepted the calling of the healers herself particularly advocating for healthy mental health through mindful living and self-acceptance.


Sandy Little 

Instagram @angrylittlecrayon


Sandy Little prefers to let her art speak for itself. Check out her artworks and her band (Wolfgang Marrow) on all the major social media platforms.

‘Be brilliant to each other in these peculiar times” - Miss Little.



Petronella Swan (Petronella Studios)

Facebook @petronellastudios
Instagram  @petronella.illustrations

    Petronella is a Cape Town Based Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration Studio.

    Since I was very little I literally drew on everything I could get my hands on (that includes most of my school books as well). At 18 I decided to do my BA in Graphic Design & Illustration at the North West University, Potchefstroom. Then after two years of working in the corporate industry I realised very quickly that I needed to do my own thing.
    I took the leap, and that is when I started my Wedding Photography & Design Business, Petronella. My birth names are Wilhelmina Petronella. Instead of fighting that one, I decided to rather embrace it, hence my brand name ‘Petronella Studios.’ 
    Since the day I started Petronella in late 2015, I did not look back once, and I can't wait to see what the next five years holds in for me.


    If you would like to be featured as a Veldskoen artist, email We'd love to hear from you, and to showcase your work! Also, we will pay you with the best shoes in the whole world!